The Seventh Graders Learn Haiku in 2004

These haikus were written by the 7th graders of '03-'04.

The wolf is howling

At the moon which is shining

On the dark wild land.

Helen T.

Leaves fall on the ground.

The wind takes them far away.

Someone sweeps the leaves.

Sofia C.

When it is raining

It's because the spirits cry.

They cry for nature.

Sebastien H.

Birds are in the sky

Flowers in big black forests

But for how much time?

Sebastien H.

Falling onto ground

Like cereal into cups

The leaves of autumn

Tiffany M.

I am a fireball

It is nice to look at me

I will shine for you

Alexandra P.

Gold forged by evil

Small and round the precious is

All power within.

Katie M.

Clear piercing blue shone

The eyes of the Evenstar

Bright like falling tears.

Katie M.

Sand and white water

Dancing on the big wide beach

And don't even speak

Nicola M.

The gray moon rises

Like the sadness of a child.

Look at the moon's tears.

Daphne S.


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