Before your grave, beneath the dark shadows of death, I cry
While cold winds fill my soul with sadness
I stare down at the deadly earth where you lie
And my wounded heart erupts with loneliness.
Gone for ever are the moments I held you in my arms tight,
The endless seasons we spent together,
The way you looked at me, your eyes shining with light.
Joyful moments I hoped would last forever.
Who now will wake me in the morning with a humid breath,
Call me incessantly with a sweet and gentle bark,
Make me exasperated to fix your playful mess
And keep me company in the middle of the dark.
  I will always remember you more than a friend
  Faithful Sara I will keep you in my heart till the end.

Sonnet I


When I glimpsed you everything went serene,
I could have spent hours taking you in,
Just looking upon you as in a dream.
Seeing someone like you must be a sin.

In retrospect I wish I'd had one hour
To gaze upon your oh so pretty face,
Whose beauty makes all others' look sour
And who puts any model to disgrace.

How can I explain my infatuism?
I realised my beauty in a glass,
And while many would call this narcissism,
I truly felt it was a touch of class.

  As I admire myself in the mirror,
  All my friends think I've become much weirder. 




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